Newmeat Co.


Premium Ingredients and Doscadesa have integrated their range of meat products in one single company, Newmeat Co. Both companies have a long history of formulations and food powder blends production.

They both put their knowledge and wide experience at your disposal to produce high quality food powder blends for the meat industry.
Newmeat Co. provides fair offers, meeting the highest standards of food safety, and always striving for the lowest price per kilo with minimal financial and operational risks.
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  • Powder products: blends, aromas, stabilizers, etc…
  • Customized formulas to improve product functionality.
  • Customer formulations and/or ingredients improvement with new raw materials in order to reduce and increase functionality.

Our knowledge
at your disposal


We not only provide formulations but also support during the whole process, applying and adapting the formulation to your specific product and production methods.
For this purpose, we offer:
  • Customized technical advice for our customers at their facilities.
  • Personal and individual training at our facilities.



Both Doscadesa and Premium Ingredients hold food safety and quality international certifications to ensure the quality of our products and services.