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As part of Blendhub Corp.,
Newmeat Co. offers formulations divided into three categories:

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Premium Ingredients and Doscadesa have been developing their own formulations for more than 75 years.

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We optimize the formulations of our customers in a transparent way.

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Thanks to allfoodexperts®, a worldwide open innovation platform with more than 1,000 food experts, Newmeat. Co. offers access to all kinds of formulations for different food and beverage categories.

Portable powder blending - BlendhubAll these formulations can be produced anywhere in the world, and anywhere in the agrifood value chain. Using our modular and portable powder blending factory “PPB” wherever it is more convenient for the customer, whether closer to the raw materials or to the final product.

The PPB factory guarantees the highest standards of food safety and the lowest price per kilo for specific formulations, minimizing financial and operational risks.

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